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“Créme de la Créme ” of Inspiration

“Créme de la Créme ” of Inspiration

The 2.0 matrix is so vague!

I have 10.000 of bookmarked pages that i’ll never visit again, unless i get paid to do that, it’ll never happened obviously! they just set there taking space.

But, there is a special folder in my Chrome Bookmark Manager called The ” Wow, Must Visit pages ” I visit almost everyday…

Interview with Jake Denham

Interview with Jake Denham

Jake is a 3D artist and Visualisation Artist based in Monaco and the UK, he has more than 10 years experience in the visualisation field.

His work has been featured in several international digital magazines and publications. Such as Expose 11, The New York Times and Boat International to name a few.

In the following interview, Jake will share with us his story with Luxury Yachts as well as his process for approaching 3d visualisation projects.

Let’s flip through the story and techniques of Jake Denham,

Ismail Rebbane

Ismail Rebbane

3D Visualization Expert


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