CG Techniques That Works

CGalter is a platform created to help you Supercharge your 3d career and digital business.


I’m going to share with you everything I learned and tried myself over the years working in the visualization industry.

cg workflows, tips tricks and everything I had to spend several nights trying to figure out.

Who is Ismail?

My name is Ismail Rebbane, the guy behind, Based in Morocco, who enjoys Playing with the “Z” axis and push it further to its limits, Creating CG illustrations for a wide range of sectors, Such as Architecture, Product Design, and Advertisement. Feel free to visit my personal Portfolio At (

  • Lighting/shading/Visualization 60%
  • Rendering | Network Rendering 10%
  • Compositing/Post Production 30%
I use other gadgets (Cameras) but my Favorite is the Iphone.

Spare time.

In my spare time, I try to do things that are not work-related, like going for a walk,run (Sport) or hangout with my friends, Watch tv (I’m fun of the WWE ),Travel, You know! Escape the digital world for a bit !


Photography is part of my daily Activities,  I make sure to capture every moment or place I’ve loved ! ( I use a regular iPhone! not pro but it does the job), You can tune into the bellow page to see some of my Shots!! (

Houdini FX.

I love Node-based approach! I got introduced to Houdini After i learned a little bit of compositing in Nuke,  the similarity is wow!It’s like they are copy-pasting each other! in a good way! I sometimes (one to two hours) enjoy playing with Houdini’s nodes, they are endless! and the power that Houdini gives you is just mind-blowing! If you want to learn more about Houdini go to the following page, > ( ) They have a free Version for student  named Apprentice Edition which has most of the features in the paid version, just go to the download page and Click on Free Learning Edition. PS: They have a daily build ( Update ) to download.

Digital Painting.

My favorite subject to paint is Environments, I love painting Trees and those little details that add realism! Mountains, landscapes ( You can say all Nature or Architecture related subjects ) love to follow the light and the bounced light, project it on surfaces and Sculpt those flat surfaces with light to give it depth. I use a regular Tablet ” The Intuos5 Touch Medium size”, Very good for other things too like browsing, I use it almost all the time with other software than 2d ( 3ds max, Zbrush . . ).

I paint to first have fun and second to study many Lighting Scenarios, (Daylight, Side light, Hard light,Soft Light… etc..) I enjoy painting light on flat objects, of course, it’s by hand but it helps me understand more how  to capture The moment, Feel of a certain light Situation. I also get the chance to study color, light, and composition which help me in my visualizations. Here are some places I learn from painting,

Forest Arwork By Ismail Rebbane


I also enjoy Cooking, yes yes  Ii do cook when I have time!It’s an Art!! very difficult.

I’m not a Chef but if you asked me what are you good at? I will without doubt answer the following “Italian Spaghetti à la bolognaise“, I think I master this Recipe!