Let me guess,

Your planning to start a new 3d visualization business — maybe Freelancer, Or. you have already an established studio and you want to grow your digital business.

Since you’re reading this page, you have very noisy and blurry understanding of marketing and how it can help you get loyal clients.

Or. maybe the whole idea of marketing! and whether it’s a good investment of your time!

Never mind, everybody does have grainy ideas about it,

but hey, I’m very happy for you,

you started to look at your services as a business,

So what are we going to dive into, together this time?

We will talk about several things in the future, as marketing is a very big idea,

We will narrow it down — smash it and even squeeze it into little tiny pieces and talk about what’s working right now and what’s not.

And by the way, I will not use any plugin for the Smashing and Squeezing part of our Big idea here, I’ll be nice and gentle “Promise, no third-party plugins too”.

Today, I want to talk to you about something that is so important that,

even if you have the best portfolio in world — lacking this, will hold you back and make your business vulnerable.

Like a singer without a good voice, or. a car without an engine, Or worse a Guitar without chords!


What is Digital Marketing?

In a nut-shill,

Marketing is about giving massive value to your clients and, Or. customers — Before and after they become your Clients.

It’s also the Art of communicating with your clients in a Language they understand and resonate with.

Perhaps a short sentence will be,

Marketing is about ” Crystal Clear Communication “.

It’s your message!

the way you put words together to convince future clients that you’re the right guy whom they are looking for.

and sure, you are a good fit, you just need to work on your message.

No matter what kind of business endeavor you’re in, 3d visualization, illustration or any other digital art medium …

Your Focus should be on the following pillars,

  • You.
  • Your Sphere.
  • Your Marketing.
  • Your Workflow.

And today we are talking about marketing for 3d artists. Because it’s the engine, without a powerful combustion, your service will be like any other regular service.

After you finished reading this article, you’ll have a clear understating of what it takes to convert a visitor to your site,

from a visitor to a friend to finally a client.

someone who hires you without a doubt,

it doesn’t have to be an immediate hiring, but it’s a process which I’m going to show you in a moment.

Why your message matters?

First, let’s draw a picture about existing portfolios today,

The majority of 3d services focuses on themselves,

” We are a team of visualizer with 20 years of experience

” We are a team of visualizer who can help you create anything

” We are a one man band

” We know exactly how your ideas should look like


they obviously sound like corporate,

In the old days it was about the suit and the tie, today people want to work with people they know, trust and like! even if you’re wearing t-shirts!

and the more you look closer to them and their challenges, they will resonate with you more!

Let’s take an example to further understand the importance of your message,

When a visitor somehow lands into your website, he is here, nice!

you have 3 lonely seconds, or sometimes less to grab his, Or. her attention,

this is when the power of words start to play its role.

Let’s say just for the purpose of our situation here, The visitor is an architect and you have a 3d visualization service.

The architect has fears, frustration, stress…

Next week, on Monday,

he has a meeting with his clients, the plans and the design of the villa are done, but he has this fear that the client might not like the design or the structure.

If that happens, he has to look for new projects once again.

so he is looking for help, your assistance — somebody who can help him visualize his ideas and concepts and make them concrete and real, something visual close to reality, so that his clients will talk about it all day!

this will not only help him sell his ideas. but also get rid of the stress and focus on his craft.

How could you Make your Message Better and Effective?

Start talking about them and to them!

this might surprise you, but it’s true,

Jay Abraham, Author, and marketing genius has a very famous quote:

“If you can define the problem better than your target customer they will automatically assume you have the solution.” –Jay Abraham

Which means If you can describe their fears and frustration better than themselves, they will for sure assume that you know the answer to their challenge.

this way your message will resonate with them, therefore connect with you at a higher level and that’s when your relationship starts.

as you offer help and value, not sells! huge terminology difference.

Look at this message and how it’s different from the above classic odd example,

” We know that you have an architecture project sometime soon, we got you covered, Start here

Another example you’re going to resonate with,

If you want to start a relationship with a new friend, you have to dedicate time and care and most importantly talk to them about subjects they like to talk about.

If football is their interest, then talking about the performance of a certain club will be a good start. Or maybe the last match.

You can get them to listen, just by talking about their interest,

And then only then you start talking about yours.

It’s always about the client, remember that.

How to Prepare to Win?

Your communication strategy plans are crucial to winning your future client’s trust.

here is what you should focus on :

  • Your Ideal customer.
  • Join their conversations.
  • Massive Help.

1. Ideal customer

Spend some time describing your ideal customer, what are his or her fears, challenges, frustration and obstacles, maybe dislikes.

this will help you present a better service, that will truly help them because you understand what they are looking for and what it’s like to be in their situation.

2. Join their Conversations.

Do some research about where they hang out online, forums ( not CG communities, I mean forums where you clients might be asking questions) is a good start and give help when it’s needed, this will help bring traffic to your site, but most importantly give you Authority, that you are the guy who knows these stuff! the go to guy when it comes to your craft.

They might also refer you to other people who need your service, which is a good sign that your message is clear.

3. Massive Help, Free Content Marketing

Now after people come to your site, make sure a landing page is waiting for them, where they can get started “Again Clear message”.

Offer a valuable content for free ” Ex. How 3d visualization can help you sell your ideas ” a pdf document, or. Video guide in return for their emails.

An email will start the relationship, you can send them weekly, more free content, articles on your blog, videos that you created to explain your process, anything that is valuable and can help them in their work.

Just don’t try to sell anything from the beginning, unless they choose too.

As my Favorite Author Seth Godin Said in his Blog “A three-step marketing ladder

Probably worth reviewing at your next marketing meeting (or every marketing meeting)… There’s a three-step ladder:




also, please don’t send “Mambo Jumbo” content!



  • Always, make it easy for your future clients to understand what is it that you’re helping them solve, by educating them about the value of your service so that they resonate with what it is that you’re offering.
  • There is no magic button to get your business, now such thing! What exists is thinking, with the end in mind, hard work, Massive value and helping others.
  • Finally, never sell directly, become their friend first, then, only then start selling, they will be ready to do business with you at that point.
  • Treat them Premium, Even if they didn’t buy anything from you.


PSS : This info are not just my personal Opinion, it’s also the ideas of what I consider my mentors when it comes to marketing,

In case you’re wondering here is some of my Mentors → go this page to learn More  Resource page“.

PSSS : This post will be updated if new ideas come up.