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I want to apologize first for not keeping my promise about what I shared in the CGalter 2015 Survey, life got into the way and didn’t find the time to make more videos.

Again my deepest apology.

Recently, I started writing a book about Post production Called ( Beyond Post Production), I’m still brainstorming and fine-tuning the process I’m willing to share in the book.

It’s a process I call ( The Atomic processing principle),

The Idea is to keep the linear data calculated by digital software ( 3ds max and Vray) from start to shipping the image.

When you utilize this technique I show you, you’ll be able to create any style or effect you want.

You’ll find yourself working with goals, instead of experimenting with plugins and presets.

Topics covered in the upcoming Book:

  • Pre-Rendering
  • Tone mapping
  • Color correction
  • Grading

Links and Resources Mentioned in this Episode

  • CGalter 2015 Survey, You can still participate and share what you want to learn (Appreciate it).