Recently, I started implementing SketchUp for the first steps of my 3d projects.

I was working with an interior designer on an apartment design just a weeks ago, and I had to create several views inside SketchUp and all of those views had Focal information and position etc..

so back in 3ds max I had to convert everything to a Vray Physical Camera as it comes from SketchUp as a Standard camera.

I had to deal with this before, and here is the trick just in case you are in the some situation.

A great way to convert a Standard camera to Vray Physical Camera is by using scripts, like this one Anything to Physcam v.1.4.

Hold on. There is a better one,

It’s a trick shared by Ricardo Eloy ” If you are reading this Ricardo, thanks for the magic trick “.

  1. Select your Standard camera.
  2. Press The letter P, to exit the camera mode
  3. Create a Vray Physical Camera in any area of the scene ( of course we still have the some view, some position, some focal etc.. ).
  4. Keep the Vray Physical Camera selected and press Ctrl+C.

that’s it.

PS: I taught that this is it, but it turned out that there is another trick way easy, shared by Simon ” thank you “ check it out in his comment below ↓

Hope that helps.