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In this episode, you’re going to learn how to make people listen to you in rushed events.

Most People find it very hard to describe clearly what it is that they do as a Craft,

Were you in this situation before?

If so,

After listening to this show, you’ll never find yourself in this situation again.

You’ll answer with confidence.

I’m going to help you write a powerful Elevator Pitch that you can use every time you cross a great business opportunity and communicate the value of your service with Clarity.


Why is an Elevator Pitch very important for you as an artist?


Elevator Pitch Artist

99% of people Don’t know about our Craft, we are a very small tiny little community.

because we know so many people in our industry we think that it’s obvious!

3D visualization and CGI, in general, is an anonymous field in our society versus the known crafts.

It’s not like when your job is a “Pilot”, everybody knows what a pilot is and what he does.

But when it comes to CGI, people need to know what it is and most importantly what value it adds.

That’s when the Power of a great Elevator Pitch come into place.

It will help create curiosity and, therefore, open Business opportunities for you.


When people don’t see clarity ( 3D Visualization, ha ! What’s that ? !! This is not for me ) the become Confused, then they do nothing ( They don’t listen to you ).


What is an Elevator Pitch?

An Elevator Pitch is about Simplifying You’re Complex Craft and distills it down into one clear Sentence that show value.

→ Everything around us uses a pitch ( Freelance, Business, Website, Blog, Portfolio, Community, Brand…TV Show ).


How To Write an Elevator Pitch?

Follow these 4 simple steps:

  1. Describe your Ideal Client. Ex: Architect, Interior designers.
  2. Describe The Client’s Challenge. Ex: not having time to focus on their craft.
  3. Describe Results the client want. Ex: Visualizing their concepts and ideas, Impress their Client to sell their ideas.
  4. Call to action. Ex: Do you know someone who might need my service.


Don’t and Do’s

Avoid saying too much. (You’d become Spammy)

Avoid Talking about you and speak to your Ideal client ( Start Thinking Like Your Customer ).

Focus on one client ( You will be seen as an Expert ).

When you start Writing Your elevator pitch focus on solutions and value.

Value, value, value. Please.

Use a paper while brainstorming.



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