How To Render Additional Lighting Passes Using The VrayLightSelect
by Ismail Rebbane | Jun 4, 2016
Watch this practical video tutorial that shows you how to render Additional Lighting passes in uncomfortable deadlines.
Video Quick Wins


  • Rendering a New Additional Lighting pass using the VrayLightSelect
  • Compositing The VrayLightSelect, GI, Reflection
  • How to Blend the VrayLightSelect and GI using the Raw passes

Why Rendering Additional Lighting Passes?

One word, to save time, That’s two words!
Instead of re-rendering the image with It’s component ( Materials ..GI.. etc) we could cut the fat and render only a specific lighting pass.
Lighting passes are direct light, which means we don’t need to re-render Indirect Illumination nor the Shaders.
It can be a slow process to render everything from scratch. Imagine 5000 frames!

How To Render VRayLightSelect pass?

Step 1. Creating the separated light pass:
(Let’s say you have, 1 V-ray light in the scene and a dome light.) a. navigate to → render element → add the VRayLightSelect pass from the menus. b. from the VRayLightSelect pass options → navigate to Lights → Click on Add → then Pick your Vray light from the viewport. c. Repeat (a. and b.), but this time with the dome light. Ps: you can rename it as well, VRayLightSelect can turn into → Vray light and dome light, just so you find the passes quickly later in compositing

Step 2. VRayLightSelect pass Compositing:
simply replace the VRayLightSelect with the two VRayLightSelect passes. “V-ray light pass, dome light pass”. For the Blending keep the some ” Linear Dodge Add “.