I am thrilled to share with you, my recent interview with Jake Denham.
Jake is a 3D artist and Visualisation Artist based in Monaco and the UK, he has more than 10 years experience in the visualization field.

His work has been featured in several international digital magazines and publications. Such as Expose 11, The New York Times and Boat International to name a few.

In the following interview, Jake will share with us his story with Luxury Yachts as well as his process for approaching 3d visualization projects.

Let’s flip through the story and techniques of Jake Denham,
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Jake denham

Jake Denham (click to enlarge)

Tell us a little about you Jake and what is your area of expertise?

Currently, I make my living as a 3D Visualisation Artist and an Adventurer. I create 3D Computer Generated Images, Videos, Virtual Tours, App Content and take people on Adventures. As a 3D Visualisation Artist, I freelance from www.luxuryvisuals.com.
I have been working professionally for over 10 years specialising in interior and exterior rendering for promoting Private Aircraft, Hotels, Banks and much more. I am proud to say my work has been the starting point for some of the most luxurious vehicles on earth and been featured in many international publications, received two Creative Innovation Awards and included in Expose 11.

As an Adventurer, I take people on epic adventures to the worlds most beautiful locations.
I am a big fan of the outdoors and love passing that on through my company

I studied Video Game Art and Design at University and then went on to receive a scholarship to the University of Creative arts to complete my Masters degree. I wanted to use the skills I had developed in Video Game Design to have a positive impact and do something I was passionate about. So I began working on Video Games to help students with learning difficulties and to teach children about the environment. I worked on my own game called The Present as well as one called Fate of the World for a company called Red Redemption. Fate of the world went on to win multiple awards including Best Artistic Response and Positive Impact Innovator at Climate Week.

Soon after I discovered that I could use my Computer Skills to influence how the real world was being created.

I would create artwork to help clients envision what their product was going to look like before it was created. I then started working with a Jet Interior company to help design the interiors of private jets. For this we would take a commercial plane and strip it bear, then I would create images and animations of the new interior for the owner to confirm they liked it.
This was the first jet interior I worked on back in 2009.

first jet interior Jake Created

Your portfolio is filled with beautiful Interior and Exterior Luxury Yachts, Can you tell us your story with these projects and how you got into the Yacht industry?


Interior Visualization for a Luxury Yacht. (click to enlarge)

What brought me to Monaco was an email from the Head of Design asking if I would like to come to work with them. Within a month I was in Monaco and have had the opportunity to travel a lot with my work and I spent a fair amount of time in America to oversee the build of one of our new boats.


Jake photography with a Super Yacht. (click to enlarge)

This year saw the launch of my first Super Yacht, a 48M made entirely of Carbon Fiber. The Yacht won Most Innovative and Best Exterior Design at Cannas Yacht Show.
Super Yacht 48M

Super Yacht 48M. (click to enlarge)

What Softwares do you use for Modeling and Rendering?

I was taught 3ds Max at University so has never strayed too far from it. It is where I feel most comfortable and it is so versatile for all industries.
SketchUp is handy and I get given 3D models from so many different applications.
For rendering, I used to use Mental Ray and iRay a lot, and both of them still holds up to the job. But my main renderer now days is Vray, mainly because of the support and resources available.
Recently I have been using Corona more for production and I am really happy with the latest release.

You tried Corona Renderer recently, what’re your thoughts about it?

I think Corona has the potential to become the standard render engine in Arch Viz. So far I am really impressed by the speed and quality and the interactive rendering is pretty nuts. I am heading in this direction. This image was created using Corona Alpha 7

CG image Rendered with Corona Alpha 7

CG image Rendered with Corona Alpha 7 (click to enlarge)


If you could have two super power solutions for 3d visualization, what would they be and why?

Interesting….. I just need one! Pillows, I want to be able to just drop pillows onto a sofa and they sit right, any ideas on how to do this I would love to hear.

Tell us a little bit about your production process for a new project?

All very dependant on the scope of work but a new project will go something like this….
I get the 3D model from any sort of modeling software, for example, Alais or Sketch Up.
I make sure the model is ‘clean’ when I get it into 3ds Max.
Set some camera angles and get confirmation from the client.
Then light, populate and add necessary materials.
Send draft images again for confirmation.
Once confirmed the final images will be produced at production quality and handed over.

What elements do you focus on when you create a composition and set your camera?

Generally, a client will know what they want to show. Normally it is everything in a small room : ) Sometimes meaning unrealistic camera angles. But the client gets what the client wants.
I do sometimes do a couple of extra more arty shots to show the client and see if they prefer it.

Do you have any tricks to beat procrastination and get things done?

I get up early most days and write and exercise before most of the world is up. I like that and I like to feel I have achieved something before I even sit down to work. I think its a good start to the day.

Who are your favorite artists, authors, photographers..?

Favourite Artist is Bob Dylan. I am a big fan of graffiti too and I love how it is developing and seeing technology and street art together is something I am really excited about.

If you could go back in time and do it all over again, what is it that you would do differently?

Nothing, I don’t want to regret anything and all that has happened has made me who I am today.

Still Hiking? What’s your Muse at the moment?

I have many projects going at once, currently, I am working with a team on a Sci Fi Opera which is a long term project.
The adventure company Unknown Epic is also a passion of mine. I like blogging, drawing, reading and exploring the world!

Where can we reach you online? ( Website, twitter etc…)

My website is: www.luxuryvisuals.com
Twitter: @jaked3d
Unknown Epic: www.UnknownEpic.com

Is there anything else you’d like CGalter readers to know?

My advice is when starting out not to lose faith in your ability if you are passionate, stay positive and don’t give up if it is what you want to do. Also, develop your own style, read my The Future of 3D Visualisation post for more on that.

Also, check out my new Course: Interior 3D Rendering with 3ds Max + Vray: The Quickest Way

Jake’s featured work in Expose 11

Thank you, Jake, for taking the time to share with us your story and experience.

for more of Jake’s work, please visit www.luxuryvisuals.com.