Gamma 2.2 Setup In 3ds Max and Vray

by Ismail Rebbane | Oct 4, 2014

Watch this Practical Video Tutorial that shows you how to work with correct math inside 3ds max and Vray in order to get realistic 3d renderings.

Video Quick Wins
If you usually get a dark corner, textures and color that doesn’t much the reference. or, doubling the light’s intensity all the time to make the scene brighter then, working in a linear manner is what you’re missing. After you watch the video below, you’ll have a complete understanding of Linear workflow, Gamma and how to set it up correctly, starting from 3ds max, Vray and finally in Compositing (Photoshop, After effects, Nuke).

Here is your Roadmap:

Quick tip

One trick I learned recently from my dear friend Austris to speed up the rendering process while keeping the Linear information, is to “change the color mapping to Reinhard with burn value at 0.8~0.9 and keep the mode set to none”.
You’ll get the same image and faster render time because V-ray will sample the highlight areas more efficiently!