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multipass compositing

Multipass Compositing in Photoshop - Vray Render Elements

Multipass Compositing gives you the ability to control pretty much everything in your 3d projects after rendering, Learn how? in this practical video tutorial.

Understanding Linear Workflow

Understanding Linear Workflow – Working In Floating Point

This is a Guide to Linear workflow, why it’s important? How to apply it to your workflow in order to get realistic results and most importantly correct math in your 3d renderings.

Gamma 2.2 Setup In 3ds Max and Vray

Watch this Practical Video  Tutorial that shows you how to work with correct math inside 3ds max and vray in order to get realistic 3d renderings.

Render Additional Lighting Passes Using The VrayLightSelect

How To Render Additional Lighting Passes Using The VrayLightSelect

This Video demonstrate a trick to get additional passes for a pre-existing render ( Or sequence), To use when you guys in a rush.

How to Create a Custom Studio HDR Map

How to Create a Custom Studio HDR Map - Using Photoshop

Learn how to create a Custom Studio HDRi using Photoshop and vray for your studio renderings.

Ask Ismail Series
Interview with Jake Denham

Interview with Jake Denham

Jake is a 3D artist and Visualisation Artist based in Monaco and the UK, he has more than 10 years experience in the visualization field.

His work has been featured in several international digital magazines and publications. Such as Expose 11, The New York Times and Boat International to name a few.

In the following interview, Jake will share with us his story with Luxury Yachts as well as his process for approaching 3d visualisation projects.


CG Techniques

Christopher Nichols (Lighting, Vray). The Vray Master, I learned a lot from him, you can watch this crazy and funny video V-Ray IRL to know more about him. He also just started a Podcast which you can find here → CG Garage Podcast.

Robert Nederhorst (Compositing, Nuke). You watch his Training and that’s it! Nuke will become. just a piece of cake, thanks Robert!

Austris Cingulis ( Vray). learned a Lot from Austris. a great Instructor.



Alex Roman. The master of CG Cinematography, His Architecture Short film  The Third & The Seventh Changed the 3D Visualization industry, Learned a lot from his making of.
Peter Guthrie. Very inspirational works he got in his portfolio, Known for his HDRI Collections, I like the photographic approach he follows, less post but amazing results.
Bertrand Benoit. Amazing Inspiration! You gotta love his Gallery!

Digital Marketing and Business

Seth Godin. What can i say About Seth, Just look at his site, very inspirational guy, read almost all his books, very good writer but better marketer, a genius marketing Expert actually. ” If you’re reading this Seth, thanks a tone for Linchpin“, you are going to find some of his books in the Books Section if you are interested, he has a Daily blog! too, One of my favorite Posts is this one ” A three-step marketing ladder “.
Eben Pagan. Business Expert, What ever Eben say, it’s proven to work in the real world.
John C Maxwell. If you want to know how to lead without a title, John’s books are one of the best books i have ever read for Leadership.



Steve Chandler. If you want to defeat procrastination, and get things done, His book Time Warrior will help you get rid of it once and for all, I also like his book 100 ways to motivate yourself ” I Read it 4 times!”.


100 Ways to Motivate Yourself. By Steve Chandler.
Linchpin. By Seth Godin.

Permission Marketing. By Seth Godin.

Time Warrior. By Steve Chandler.
Today Matters. By John C Maxwell.

From Bits To The Lens. “Added to my book Which-list” By Alex Roman.
Neufert Architects’ Data , by Ernst Neufert ( Measurement reference for Architecture ).